【Car hits teen cyclists in JB, 8 dead and 8 hurt】But luckily, there is a footage! (Video Clip Inside)

Road Bullies and traffic accidents issues are always reported in the nation media especially the escalating traffic accidents rate. There was tragedy where 8 teenage cyclists’ dead in horror Johor Bahru crash on highway in the midnight last February 2017. The nation traffic accident rate was amongst the top 20th in the world.

Picture from: The Straits Times

The teenage who injured but survived from the crash claimed that the driver was distracted during her driving by playing phone. So, this is the time where car video recorder could help to protect your rights and interests with its recording. Anyway, it was lucky the police investigation has proof the driver was innocent.

Video from Youtube.com
(Car video recorder footage showed teens cycling the wrong way on the highway.)

Nowadays, there are more and more road bullies in Malaysia. It wasn’t noticed as technology was not as advanced as now, while there is smart phone in everyone’s hand now, and there is more and more car video recorder being installed in the car by the owners. With this, it has ease the police reporting process. The victim in the video clip has also suggested the public to install car video recorder for self-protection, it is not only for police reporting purpose but also for insurance claiming purpose.
Let’s check out why the car owner should buy and install car video recorder in the car!
It was mentioned the car video recorder could avoid dispute and cheat, but its main function is to restore the truth and reduce dispute on car accidents as a picture paints a thousand words. A car video recorder not only providing picture, but it is animated picture which could tell the truth better. From this, we reckon the 4 biggest benefits of car video recorder:

Benefit 1: Evidence of Car Accidents
Always being blamed as the root of accident and yet you never knock people car? With car video recorder, it could proof you are innocent and free you from all the troublesome.

Picture from: www.renty.biz

Benefit 2: To report any lackadaisical driving behaviour with evidence
It is not necessarily a car accident, but it could be the driver drives dangerously, changing car lanes (in snake lines), overspeed, overload by lorries, and etc.

Benefit 3: To avoid dispute in fake car accident
The fraud groups have grown wildly recently, thus there are numerous fake car accident, while the cars without car video recorder always suffer from loss of money or legal procedures, it not only waste of money but also time. With the car video recorder, it could solve the troublesome by fake car accident, and can record the funny act by the fraud groups. Such a good accessory, why not?!

Picture from: www.autoblog.com

Benefit 4: Self-Protection from irrational driving attitude
Some of the extreme car drivers may misunderstand a horn is impolite and lost control, and they are what we call road bullies. Road bullies start to block cars, make noise, showing weapons as tendency to attack, worse there are road bullies who beat car owners harmfully. If you have a car video recorder, then it could record the car plate number, and the violence face and act, abuse of the road bully. This video record can be an evidence to protect you in court, and the victim can’t deny any from the evidence!

Picture from: www.earthtouchnews.com

There is almost 90% of the residents in neighbouring country who has installed the car video recorder, and this has told us the importance of car video recorder. It plays a key road during the key moment, as important as insurance. Don’t only realise the importance of car video recorder when only car accident happened. It is a blessing as the victim in the video clip has car video recorder, there is evidence for police reporting purpose and insurance claiming purpose!