Eagle I CVR is distributed by O&G 8lectricals (M) Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia-based company established in 2015. Our mission is to protect our users and their beloved ones from rising crime rate & vehicle accident rate in Malaysia.
Car Video Recorder (CVR) also known as Driving Video Recorder (DVR) or Dashboard Camera (Dashcam), widely used in countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and European Countries. CVR video clips can capture important situations during an accident and our devices are built with advanced technology and high definition image quality to record in any situations.

A CVR is an on-board camera that is attached to the vehicle’s interior windscreen by a supplied suction cup mount or an adhesive-tape mount. It can also be positioned on top of the dashboard or attached to the rear-view mirror with a special mount. It continuously records road situations while the vehicle is in motion. CVR often provide video evidence in an event of an accident.” -source from Wikipedia CVR often provide video evidence in an event of an accident.” -source from Wikipedia

Eagle I have turned the Warranty Registration to a more environmental & user friendly smartphone app in order to enhance user experience. Users can register their product warranty by using the app, in a simple, quick and convenience way. Besides E-Warranty, our app also provides shop directories that drivers require in times of need.



-Monitor road situations.

-Evidence against road bullies.

-Evidence against fraud cases.

-Ensures your innocence during any misunderstandings.

Eg: Drivers recklessly sways into lanes causing trouble to other drivers.

-Captures unexpected incidents.

Eg : Record important conversations which can be used for evidence in the future.

-Able to capture footage of any theft or burglary.

-Monitor your chauffeur’s activities when you are not around.

–Captures beautiful sceneries during your road trips.