Eagle i CVR is proud to announce that we are now officially Grab’s Safety Camera Partner for GrabCar. Needless to say, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be the safety ambassador in safeguarding the well-being of the GrabCar drivers and passengers as we, at Eagle i CVR, understands that security is of paramount priority. With the cars now equipped with Car Video Recorders (CVR), we trust it will bring a peace of mind to both drivers and passengers alike. As our mission is to protect our users and their loved ones from rising crime rates & vehicle accident rates in Malaysia, we believe that with this partnership, we have achieved a milestone in road safety. From here forth, Eagle i CVR and GrabCar will move forward hand in hand to provide tools in protecting you, our valued users.

With the introduction of Eagle i CVR’s portable model EG-6 evolving out of the partnership between Malaysia’s Leading Car Video Recorder (CVR) brand Eagle i and GrabCar, the world of ride-sharing has now become safer for the drivers and passengers. Because Eagle i CVR and GrabCar both understand the fear and dread that passengers and drivers may sometimes feel for every new booking. Now, both parties need not fear that safety will be compromised during the journey with the presence of a car video recorder in the vehicle. The well-being of the drivers as well as the passengers will always be our top priority.

Eagle i CVR’s EG-6 is a small and portable car video recorder, just the right size that it is not obtrusive and easily adjustable to record happenings in the car cabin or front street views. Users do not have to worry about deleting files manually as the Car Video Recorder (CVR) has a loop recording function, thus it will automatically delete old files once the memory card is full. With the G-sensor function, it will also lock the file upon impact during an accident, ensuring critical footage are not lost when you need them most. In case there is a necessity to view the file on the spot, the driver may do so by viewing the playback straight off the device. Also, with an audio recording function, neither drivers nor passengers will have to worry about baseless accusations and will be able to produce substantial evidence in any event of disputes


A much needed feeling of security.

Worry less

Late night travel without worries.


Less stress for parents knowing their children are in safe hands.

About EG-6

Fits Anywhere

This device is so small; you can practically fit it anywhere in your car. Hold it in your hand, put it inside your pocket, anywhere you want it to be, it’s there!


Popular for its compact size and weighing only 40 grams, you will barely feel the weight in your hands.