This privilege is only eligible for MALAYSIANS that has filled up the User Privilege Form (below) with warranty registration with the purchased the EAGLE i™ CVR product from 26th June 2016 onwards. You are advised to send the submission within 7 days from the date of purchase, please keep the original receipt for reference.

EAGLE i™ CVR reserves the right to void the privilege IF:
1. The information provided is not valid or incomplete.
2. Promotional Eagle i™ CVR model which is not entitled for the FREE 30K PA insurance.
3. Any submission made after 30 days from the purchase date.
*Only certain products are eligible

(Refer to the types of warranties available at: )



You are required to fill up this form completely to be entitled for this privilege. EAGLE i™ CVR reserves the right to void the privilege if the information provided  is not valid or incomplete.

Terms & Conditions

Each individual is entitled to submit the form once. Any additional submission with the same Name & I/C will be voided. You are advised to send the submission within 7 days from the date of purchase. Any submission made after 30 days from the purchase date will be voided or any information provided is not valid or incomplete will be voided.

Accidents can happen at home, at work, at leisure, and at any stage in life, resulting in injuries or damages or both. Accidents can be fatal or cause a serious injury that prevents you from working for a period of time, resulting in loss of income. To ease the potential financial burden due to an accident. Agency provides covers for permanent and temporary disablement, lump sum payment for death following accident.

Sum Insured : RM30,000 per insured person.
Exclusions :
1. Motor-cycle riding, hunting, steeple-chasing, football, rugby, hockey, mountaineering, Polo, Racing of any kind including rallies, motor cross or any form of racing competition (except any form of racing on foot), Speed Demonstration or Trial test or any form of motor vehicle or aircraft or vessel, Go-kart, Scuba or Skin Diving or any kind including the use of Aqua lungs, Hang-Gliding.
2. Training and / or Performance of any form of Martial Arts or Self defence, such as Karate, Tae-Kwan Do, Judo.
3. Armed Forces, (whether voluntary or otherwise) including Police of any country or international authority (whether in time or peace or war).
4. Serving in any firefighting services or agencies.
5. War / Invasion Act, foreign Enemy Hostilities, Revolution, Insurrection, Riot Strike & Civil Commotion.
6. Military / Usurped Power hijacking.
7. Non License / Schedule Flight.
8. Self-Injury Suicide or Attempted suicide or Provoke Assault or Intoxication Drugs or Insanity or any Illness or disease (include AIDS) or any criminal or felonious act.
9. Child birth, Miscarriage, or pregnancy.
10. Consequential Loss.
11. Ionising radiation, nuclear, nuclear weapon material.
12. Terrorism.
Limit per Conveyance : RM1,000,000.00

Conditions :

(1) All Insured persons are within age of 16 ~ 65.

(2) All Insured persons are free from physical deformity.

(3) All insured persons must be Malaysian Citizen.